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Frequently Asked Questions


Where and when can I meet you to discuss my event?

We are happy to meet with you at our base in Andreas, your home or at your chosen venue. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

Do you have a price list?

Most of our displays are custom made to each individual client's needs. Our display team can advise you on detailed costing when they meet with you. However, we can supply you with a price guide along with our special package deals price lists.

What is the difference between delivery and set up?

Delivery is door to door or directly to function room only. Balloons are usually left packaged.
For delivery and set up, we will deliver and set up your balloons and Starlight room dressing on site. With respect to Starlight room dressing, we will liaise directly with function staff to collect Starlight dressing the day after your function.

What are the payment terms?

Unless otherwise arranged we require a minimum of £25 non-refundable deposit for our balloon displays or a £50 non-refundable deposit for our Starlight Products service. Payment in full is expected two weeks prior to your event date. The only exception is if you hold a credit account with us - in this case we do not require deposit at all and the payment term is 30 days. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Do you substitute balloons and weights?

We reserve the right to substitute or to make changes of equal or greater value to your order. All efforts are made to complete your order but occasionally some items are not available from our suppliers - in such circumstances, we will endeavour to advise you of any changes to your original order.

Can you inflate balloons purchased elsewhere?

Balloons purchased elsewhere - especially over the internet - are usually of an inferior quality to the balloons we supply - and using them can quite often end up more costly than having us supply them in the first place. However if you have purchased balloons already, we will check them to see if they are of an acceptable quality. Charges are made for us to replace the balloons that burst which were not supplied by us.

How long do balloons float?

It all depends upon the size, shape and type of balloon. Balloons are, by nature, temporary items. Although we use only the finest quality balloons, some balloons will occasionally deflate sooner than expected.

Balloons look best and will last longer when used indoors. Balloons used outdoors will oxidize in the sun and will only last the day of the event.

Float times can be reduced by many factors such as higher elevations, hot days, wind, rain, rough handling, balloons exposed to direct sunlight and other uncontrollable factors.

Avoid exposing balloons to heat and direct sunlight as this could cause the balloon to burst. Balloons can burst indoors as well if they are exposed to direct sunlight.

Very cool environments may also cause helium molecules to shrink, reducing the size and float time of balloons.

Indoors or outdoors, the constant flow of air around a balloon will increase the speed at which helium molecules escape through the wall of the balloon, resulting in reduced float time.

Float Times for Latex Balloons
11-inch latex balloons will float indoors for 12-20 hours.
16-inch latex balloons will float indoors for 30-40 hours.
Float time may be reduced significantly in unusually warm, unusually cool, or very humid environments, and at elevations significantly above sea level.

Float Times for Latex Balloons with Hi-Float™ Treatment
Latex balloons, used indoors and out of direct sunlight, will usually float for at least 3 days if treated with Hi-Float, a non-toxic sealant which coats the inner wall of the balloon. Float time may be reduced significantly in unusually warm, unusually cool, or very humid environments, and at elevations significantly above sea level.
N.B Hi-Float is added at extra cost.

Float Times for Mylar (Foil) Balloons
Mylar (foil) balloons will usually remain full for 3-5 days. The bigger the size of the Mylar balloon, the longer it will float. Mylar balloons will appear deflated in cold air and will fill out again when warmed up.

Precautions: What should I be aware of?

Before releasing a group of latex balloons indoors to float on the ceiling, release two or three as a test — the invisible fibre particles in acoustical ceiling tiles can pop balloons.

Do not breathe helium from a balloon. Helium is not toxic nor flammable, but breathing it can result in asphyxiation (loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen).

Balloons are a chocking hazard. Young children and pets can choke or suffocate on broken or un-inflated balloons. Discard broken balloons immediately! Adult supervision is required.

Should balloons treated with Hi Float burst, the liquid is water based and can be cleaned up by using water.

Do not release balloons with strings on or in clusters.
Do not release Mylar (foil) balloons they conduct electricity and can short out power lines.
Foil string must not be attached to Mylar (foil) balloons.
Balloon releases must only be undertaken using plain finish latex balloons. Plain finish latex balloons biodegrade around the same time as an Oak leaf. These balloons are made of natural latex sap. Please contact our staff who will advise on environmental matters and codes of conduct.
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